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When the Customer
Comes First
Innovation Follows

Customer Centricity
From developing the world’s most powerful laser beam to trying to answer some of science’s puzzling questions, OMEGA’s customers are constantly on the cutting-edge in their industries or professional fields. As a company, we are not only fascinated by our customer’s creative problem-solving, but strive to be true partners in helping them succeed with their innovative ideas.

To this end, one of our core values is to focus on our customers’ needs first and foremost. For us, this starts with trying to understand what our customers want to accomplish. Then, working with them to achieve it with the best process measurement and control solution possible. We have found that when we take a customer-centric approach, it’s a win-win situation that can lead to innovation on both sides.

We also believe that taking a customer-centric approach goes beyond meeting our customers’ process and measurement control needs to delivering the very best in customer service from start to finish—including helping our clients stay on budget and on time.

What does OMEGA’s customer-centric values look like in action?
Let us show you with some real-world customer stories.
When companies do business with OMEGA, they can expect that these kinds of stories are the rule, not the exception.

Innovating Field-Ready Solutions for Measuring Python Strength

When Dr. Scott Boback, an associate professor of biology at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, who specializes in herpetology, wanted to measure in the field how much pressure a reticulated python creates when killing its prey, he found he needed help devising a way to do it.

“I called several companies,” said Dr. Boback, but none had a good solution—until he reached out to OMEGA. “They put me directly in touch with their engineers,” said Dr. Boback. “I gave them the problem, and they said, ‘This is what you need.’”

Using the engineers’ suggestion, Dr. Boback and his partner, Dr. Charles Zwemer, also an associate professor of biology at Dickinson College, were able to create a closed circuit hydraulic system using a pressure transducer with a USB connection, a laptop, some high-pressure tubing, and an innertube for a small tractor filled with water. This system would then allow them to measure and record how much pressure a python applies when killing its prey.

Additionally, OMEGA worked with Dr. Boback’s tight timeline to deliver the pressure transducer in time for he and Dr. Zwemer to test the solution in their lab before heading out to the field.

Helping Our Customers Shoot for the Stars

For engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), the story is a little different. While they knew what they needed—load cells to measure and detect any imbalance between the magnetic force and spring force for their new X-ray laser, the LCLS-II—but they also needed these load cells customized to better fit inside the undulator that housed the magnets.

Because of our deep engineering expertise in the solutions we provided, our engineers could leverage our manufacturing design and application knowledge to create a customized load cell that met their needs. And because we build products from the ground-up, even significant design changes, such as adding a connector to the end of the load cells, was possible.

As the design process evolved, OMEGA delivered prototypes to Berkeley Labs to ensure that the modifications were exactly right. We also worked closely with them to develop a production schedule that would meet their project deadlines.

Going with the Flow to Improve the Manufacturing Process

In another situation, one of our customers, a leading manufacturer of sport kites, was preparing to manufacture a new product line, but needed a flow meter with a very low pressure drop.

As the OMEGA team listened to the manufacturer to better understand their engineering objectives, they were able to not only recommend a specific low-pressure flow meter that would work for their application, but provide the customer with other product suggestions, such as the use of a totalizer, which would further enable the customer to meet their measurement objectives. Key benefits of the solution included a greater than 10 ms response time, no warm-up time, and the ability to simultaneously display the pressure, temperature, and volumetric and mass flow.

Exceeding Our Customers’ Expectations

When companies do business with OMEGA, they can expect that these kinds of stories are the rule, not the exception. Whether it’s a new project or maintenance on an existing solution, we take the same customer-centric approach:

Work to understand the problem your trying to solve
Work with you to select the best possible solution for your sensing and control needs
Work to help you meet critical budget requirements and project timelines

By always focusing on the customer first, we have gained a reputation as a vendor who is responsive, truly understands our customer’s specific engineering challenges, and delivers a measurement solution that is the best fit.

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