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Solution Water Immersion Heater - 2½" NPT Fitting and 3 Element Construction

MTI-3 Series

Threaded Immersion Heater  | MTI-3 Series

Threaded Immersion Heater

AUD1,865.00 MTI-330A/480V/3P

  • NEMA 1 Rated, E1 General Purpose Enclosure or Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant Enclosure
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel Screw Plug
  • 240 and 480V, 3 Phase
  • 3 to 18 kW
  • Incoloy Sheath Provides Excellent Corrosion Resistance for Solution Water Applications
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The MTI-3 Series screw plug immersion heaters are designed for direct contact heating in solution water applications.

Please Note: This immersion heater should be used with an approved temperature control device to assure safe operation. See Temperature Section for our selection of process controllers.

Wattage: 3 to 18 kW
Power: 240, or 480 V, 3 phase
Watt Density: 46-53 W/in2
Sheath: 0.475"diameter Incoloy
Screw Plug: 21/2" NPT Stainless Steel
Enclosures: E1 General Purpose, NEMA-1 rated, or type E2 moisture resistant/explosion resistant enclosure.

kW W/in2 No. Htg.
Dim. B
in (cm)
E1 General Purpose Enclosure1 E2 Moisture Resis/Explosion Resis.2
Model No. Wt.
Ib (kg)
Model No. Wt.
Ib (kg)
35136 7/8 (17)MTI-330A/*5 (2)MTI-330E2/*8 (3)
4.548310 7/8 (28)MTI-345A/*6 (3)MTI-345E2/*9 (3)
648317 1/8 (43)MTI-360A/*6 (3)MTI-360E2/*9 (3)
7.553319 1/8 (49)MTI-375A/*6 (3)MTI-375E2/*9 (3)
947324 1/2 (62)MTI-390A/*7 (3)MTI-390E2/*10 (4)
1246332 1/2 (83)MTI-3120A/*9 (4)MTI-3120E2/*12 (4)
1546339 3/8 (100)MTI-3150A/*10 (5)MTI-3150E2/*13 (4)
1851347 3/8 (121)MTI-3180A/*12 (5)MTI-3180E2/*15 (5)
/*Designate voltage, i.e., 240 for 240 Vac or 480 for 480 Vac.
1 Heaters with General Purpose Enclosures are UL Listed and CSA certified.
2 Heaters with Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant Enclosures are CSA NRTL/C certified and are not intended for use in hazardous areas.
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Part Number/ Desc.
Example part numbers are shown below. For additional configurations see the Part Number Builder below this table.
Availability: 6 weeks
Heater, 15 kW, 240 V
Availability: 6 weeks
Heater, 4.5 kW, 480 V
All amounts shown in AUD

Part Number Builder

Build Your Part Number Below
Option Descriptions:

(1) Wattage select from:
30 for 3 kW
45 for 4.5 kW
60 for 6 kW
75 for 7.5 kW
90 for 9 kW
120 for 12 kW
150 for 15 kW
180 for 18 kW

(2) Enclosure select from:
A for E1 General Purpose Enclosure
E2 for E2 Moisture Resis/Explosion Resis.

(3) Voltage select from:
240V for 240 V
480V for 480 V
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.
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