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Corrosive Fluids Over-the Side Immersion Heaters

TLI & KTLI Series

Corrosive Fluids Over-the Side Immersion Heaters | TLI & KTLI Series

Corrosive Fluids Over-the Side Immersion Heaters

  • Heavy Duty Incoloy Heating Elements
  • Incoloy Riser and Junction Box
  • 2 to 18 kW
  • Optional Thermostat Kits are Available to Fit into Terminal Box
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These over-the-side immersion heaters are designed for vessels where through the side immersion heaters cannot be conveniently installed. These heaters are installed through the top of the vessel with the heated portion of the unit along the side or at the bottom of the tank. Natural circulation of the fluid inside vessel allows for even heat distribution. Terminal houses or lead wires are provided for power connections.

Alkaline soaking and cleaning copper sulfate, electro cleaners, mild acid baths, wash and dip tanks containing alkali, oakite, caustic soda, detergent and other aqueous solutions.

Wattage: 2 to 18 kW Power: 120, 240 480 V, 1 & 3 phase Watt Density: 40 W/in2
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Availability: 7 weeks
18 KW, 480 V

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(1) Element Style select from:
TLI for Straight Element
KTLI for Curved Element

(2) Number of Elements select from:
2 for 2 Elements
3 for 3 Elements

(3) Watts select from:
20 for 2 kW
30 for 3 kW
40 for 4 kW
60 for 6 kW
80 for 8 kW
10 for 10 kW
12 for 12 kW
15 for 15 kW
18 for 18 kW

(4) Riser Length in Inches select from:
36 for 36 inches
48 for 48 inches

(5) Voltage select from:
120V for 120 Vac
240V for 240 Vac
480V for 480 Vac

(6) Power select from:
Nothing(leave field blank) for 1 Phase Power
/3P for 3 Phase Power
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.
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