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Monitoring Water Flow in an Egg Farm Application


Ultrasonic Energy Flow Meter Rainbow Farms Company is in the poultry business (layers – eggs). Rainbow Farms has twenty-five poultry houses with a total of 1.7 million layers, a processing plant, and a distribution plant located on 640 acres (one square mile) in Denair, California. Water is a very important factor in the business. It is used for refrigeration, egg washing, drinking water for the layers, and for evaporating cooling and foggers in the poultry houses.


Monitoring water flow into the complex in the summer months, as well as in the winter, is very important. Should a problem occur at one of the well sites, it must be diagnosed and resolved as quickly as possible. To ensure an adequate supply of water, Rainbow Farms determined that remote monitoring was required to monitor the critical water output from four different well sites which are spaced approximately ¼ mile apart on the 640 acre complex.


Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters were installed on each of the four wells. The ultrasonic flow meter's ability to clamp onto various pipe sizes and materials plus its Ethernet connection, provided the means to send real-time flow data over a wireless network directly into the control room. David Bryson, Production Supervisor at Rainbow Farms notes that “Each of the twenty-five poultry houses have low-pressure alarms, so having the ability to remotely view the actual flow rates being produced from all of the four wells helps me determine very quickly which well is not working correctly or offline.” A clamp-on hybrid ultrasonic flow meter has the ability to remotely monitor multiple pipe applications via Ethernet, measure various fluids, and pre-save multiple configurations for fast and easy installations.

This material has been republished with permission from Blue-White Industries, Ltd.

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